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Welcome to ABC Garage Doors

For over 40 years, ABC Garage Doors has proudly provided the North West with top-quality garage door installation, maintenance and repair services. We secure homes and enhance curb appeal with a wide range of garage door solutions.

Your Trusted Garage Door Specialists in the North West

When it comes to securing your home, adding style and functionality and enhancing your property's value, you need more than just a garage door - you need an entryway that speaks volumes. At ABC Garage Doors, we've been perfecting the art of garage door installation for over four decades. Our family-run business combines experience, quality and professionalism, making us the premier choice for all your garage door needs.


Why Choose ABC Garage Doors?

Our extensive range of garage doors and automatic products features leading manufacturers such as Novoferm, Garador, JD UK and Hormann. Whether you're looking for Up and Over, Sectional-Overhead, Traditional Side-Hung or Space-Saving Roller Doors, we have you covered. Our expert garage door fitters offer a no-obligation survey, during which we provide advice on the various options available.


Sectional Garage Doors

Modern and space-saving, sectional garage doors consist of hinged panels that rise vertically into the ceiling, adding style and functionality to your garage.


Roller Garage Doors

The sleek and space-efficient choice, roller garage doors roll up and down, maximising garage space while offering a contemporary look.


Up & Over Garage Doors

Timeless and classic, up & over garage doors feature a single panel that swings up and out to open, providing a traditional and elegant design.

Enhance Your Garage Door Experience

ABC Garage Doors offers a wide range of garage door accessories to elevate your experience. From keyless entry systems and advanced security features to decorative handles and custom colours, our accessories are designed to match your preferences and enhance your garage door installation.

Which Garage Door Should I Choose?

With so many garage door options available, it's natural to wonder which one is the best fit for your home. At ABC Garage Doors, we're here to guide you through the selection process. Our experienced team will help you choose the perfect garage door type, style and material that complements your property's design and suits your specific needs. Whether you're looking for space-saving sectional doors, sleek roller doors or the timeless elegance of up & over doors, we'll assist you in making the ideal choice.


Our Work

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